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Extensions und Themes fuer Mozilla Firefox
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  • Red Hat Linux 7.0 und höher
  • Mac OS X 10.1.x, 10.2.x und höher
  • Windows 98 und höher

Mozilla Firefox Erweiterungen (Extensions) - Übersicht

Mozilla Firefox bietet neben der hohen Sicherheit eine Menge an guten Funktionen. Mit kostenlosen Erweiterungen (Extensions) kann der Funktionsumfang erweitert werden. So kann man sich seine Funktionen selber wie in einem Baukastensystem zusammenstellen. Die integrierte Schnittstelle macht diese Vorgänge einfach. Ein Klick genügt zur Installation. Die Anzahl der Erweiterungen für den Firefox Browser wird ständig grösser.
Mit Themes kann der Browser auch optisch angepasst werden.

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Empfehlenswerte Erweiterungen für Firefox:

   Tabbrowser Extension
Image Zoom
Preferences Toolbar
Image Toolbar
Context Search
MeasureIt · AllPeers
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Search Tools Sidebar

Sidebar for searching


Autocomplete in the Location bar with URLs from your bookmarks.

BetterSearch (formerly McSearchPreview)

Enhances Search-engine results pages with previews and more.

Bible Toolbar

A toolbar for searching


A toolbar providing access to all major biological data resources.

Chat'N Search

Chat with others browsing the same page (anonymously).

Context Search

Erweitert das "Web-Suche nach..." Kontextmenü um ein Auswahlmenü der Suchmaschinen, die in der Firefox Searchbar konfiguriert sind. Somit kann markierter Text einfach durch Klick in das Kontextmenü, mit der gewünschten Suchmaschine im Web gesucht werden.
Use your search plugins for the "Search Web for" context menu item.


Have word definitions open in a new window


Looks up a selected word in a webpage or an email in an online dictionary.

Ebay Negs!

Lets you view all the negative feedback an eBay user has received.

Eurekster toolbar

Toolbar for search.

Find in this Selectbox

Adds a context menu item to selection boxes.

Find Statusbar

Supresses the "not found" messages that occur while using Find in Page.

Firefox Toolbar

Customizable search toolbar for Firefox that allows you to add/delete any search engine.

Google Bar

Brings the Google Toolbar to Mozilla


Eine Firefox Erweiterung die in der Googlesuche kleine Vorschau-Thumbnails der jeweiligen Seiten einblendet.
Enhances Google search results pages with thumbnails.

Hide Searchbar

Show/hide the search bar with Ctrl + Shift + S hotkey

Mozilla Amazon Browser (MAB)

A XUL interface for the Amazon product catalogue.


Bioinformatics Toolbar to search the Worldwide Protein Data Bank (wwPDB).


30 popular search plugins for the Firefox toolbar or the Mozilla sidebar.


A very powerful search toolbar

Petite Search Tools

Enhance page navigation and searching.

Search Button

Adds a Search button (for use with the Search Bar) to the customize toolbar window.

Search Sidebar

Bringing advanced searching capability back to life for Firefox users.

Search Type B

Bookmark powered Search Bar


Display the Google PageRank and Alexa ranking with search-related tools.


Search for selected text on a variety of websites.


Access to your Smart Keywords from the context menu.

Yahoo! Search Sidebar

Adds a "Yahoo! Search" item in Firefox’s View | Sidebar menu (Alt+Y is the shortcut key)

Tabs and Windows


Make the last tab blank when closing it, instead of hiding the tab bar.


Adds "Close Tab" to the context menu for web pages

Disable Targets For Downloads

Prevents sites spawning blank windows when clicking binary downloads.


Additional navigation using the existing toolbar buttons.

Flowing Tabs

Makes the browser tabs wrap onto multiple rows.

Focus Last Selected Tab

Brings focus to the previously selected tab when closing the active tab.


Modifies Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch to recently selected tabs.


A number of tools to make media collection more efficient.


Erweiterung die das Tabbed-Browsing angenehmer macht. Mit miniT lassen sich die einzelnen Tabs in der Tab-Leiste verschieben.
Adds a few tab related functions.


Open a new tab when middle-clicking the Forward, Back, Reload, Home and Go buttons.

Quick Tab Pref Toggle

Quick access to set and toggle Firefox's Single Window mode via a toolbar icon.

SessionSaver .2

Remembers loaded tabs and their history items when Firefox is closed.

Tab Bin

Retrieve accidentally-closed tabs.

Tab Killer

Completely disable tabbed browsing.

Tab Scroller

Switch between tabs using the mouse wheel.

Tab X

Adds a Close button to each tab.

Tabbrowser Extensions

Ein AddOn für Mozilla, Firefox und Netscape, das die Tab-Browsing-Features erweitert.
Add-on for extending operations of tabbed browsing.

Tabbrowser Preferences

Adds GUI options to change some of the hidden tab browser preferences.


Shows a confirmation dialogue when closing a window with more than one tab.

This Window

Allows you to force a link to open in the current window.


Allows recently closed tabs to be reopened.

Window Layers

Allows the user to place windows in layers.
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