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Die neue Version von Firefox ist jetzt noch schneller,
sicherer und komplett anpassbar. Firefox sorgt für ein besseres Internet-Erlebnis.

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System- Voraussetzungen

  • Red Hat Linux 7.0 und höher
  • Mac OS X 10.1.x, 10.2.x und höher
  • Windows 98 und höher

Mozilla Firefox Erweiterungen (Extensions) - Übersicht

Mozilla Firefox bietet neben der hohen Sicherheit eine Menge an guten Funktionen. Mit kostenlosen Erweiterungen (Extensions) kann der Funktionsumfang erweitert werden. So kann man sich seine Funktionen selber wie in einem Baukastensystem zusammenstellen. Die integrierte Schnittstelle macht diese Vorgänge einfach. Ein Klick genügt zur Installation. Die Anzahl der Erweiterungen für den Firefox Browser wird ständig grösser.
Mit Themes kann der Browser auch optisch angepasst werden.

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Empfehlenswerte Erweiterungen für Firefox:

   Tabbrowser Extension
Image Zoom
Preferences Toolbar
Image Toolbar
Context Search
MeasureIt · AllPeers
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Mouse Gestures - Be more productive with the mouse

All-in-One Gestures

Amalgamtion of various popular gestures based extensions.


Perform mouse gestures through a customizable pie menu.

Mouse Gestures

Elegantly control your browser by drawing gestures.

Optimoz Tweaks

Automatically hides/shows the sidebar.


A hierarchical, context-sensitive pie menu.


Scroll the page smoothly with the mouse wheel.

Tab Scroller

Switch between tabs using the mouse wheel.

Navigation - Additional navigation between related pages

Clone Window

Makes the New Window command clone the current tab's address and history.


Adds useful site navigation tools to the Go button's context menu.


A button for clearing the location bar and navigating nested sites.


Additional navigation using the existing toolbar buttons.


Browse/download galleries of images.

Go To

Adds a Go To submenu to the context menu for links.

Go Up

Easily navigate 'up' a level in a website.


Click links by hitting hints, a keyboard-friendly clicking method.

Jump Link

Skip through redirect links and jump directly to the target link.

Link Toolbar

Easily navigate between related web pages.

Link Visitor

Mark links as visited or unvistited from the context menu.


Adds more link options to the context menu.

Next Image

Automatically increment image URLs (for image galleries).

Open link in...

Adds more tab/window opening options to the context menu for links and images.

Paste and Go

Paste a URI from the clipboard and automatically go there.

Petite Search Tools

Enhance page navigation and searching.

Show Failed URL

Displays failed URLs in the URL bar when XUL error pages are enabled.

Text Links

Treats selected plain text urls as links, right click to open.


Adds context options for plain text urls and email.


Automatically converts URLs entered using wrong keyboard layout (cyrillic for example).


Capture the url and navigate the numeric portion up and down.

News - News and RSS Readers


Powerful RSS feed aggregator.


Make your news feeds nicer to read.

Habari Xenu

A RSS/Atom News Aggregator.

Info RSS

Another lightweight rss reader.


A lightweight RSS and ATOM feed aggregator.

Wizz RSS News Reader

A really simple RSS news reader.

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